Shipments and returns


As EU manufacturer, we send your order from Europe. The delivery time depends on your country. Please, keep in mind that during the Covid pandemic, all post companies have officially information for expected delays. We send all orders with available tracking information, so is easy to track and check the actual status or request information from the post company. Please, don’t forget that after you place your order, it will be processed and send up to 2-5 days.

 Generally delivery time frame is:


FOR EU COUNTRIES – Transport time is 7-14 business days, depending on exact country and the local post company, which will deliver to you.


FOR WORLDWIDE  - delivery time  depends on your country. Generally is up to 10-20 business days



During the Covid pandemic, there are limited flights of the post companies so this cause delays. For these countries, the delivery time during the pandemic, can takes more than 30+ business days. We are receiving daily reports from our post company, so if there is a change on the delivery, we will inform you.

*exceptions are during the pandemic crisis


The post service that we are using is with available tracking number, which will be provided to you, when the order is sent. Generally the delivery in your country is from your post company and in most of them, the tracking number is available, when the package arrives in their sort center. The type of the transport is standard international delivery.

For express delivery options, please contact us to discuss details and your needs.


To avoid the necessary to return something, please first read our detailed description, where you will find all needed information about the materials, size measures and  the estimate delivery times

If you have any issue and you need to return an item, of course you have right to turn back the item for exchange or a refund. Please, meet our return policy requirements:

*We accept returns only for products, which aren’t used or washed. To avoid any damage, please look item’s descriptions and washing advices.

*The product should be returned within 7 days after receiving it.

*The return is for the buyer’s side. So you have to pay the shipping costs (unless it is a case of a problem on our part)

*If the package with your order is returned because of wrong provided delivery address, or because the package is not picked up in the declared time frame of the post company (each post company has time frame for undelivered packages, in which the buyer can pick it up, before being turned back to the sender) – the package can be resend, but the buyer has to pay the resending. Please, if your package is returned, because is not claimed from your side, contact us to discuss the best solution for your needs.

* Return for full refund  - the refund will be completed, after the returned product is delivered to us. So best option is to use post service, which has available tracking information.